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It's That Easy! Simply use your Gold Card every time you shop and you automatically receive your savings and rewards. Once you checkout you'll see your savings at the bottom of your receipt every time you use your Gold Card! If you ever forget your Gold Card, just give us your phone number at the register to get all the same Gold Card benefits! Joining the ShurSave Gold Card program is absolutely free and your name, address, and purchases are always kept confidential at ShurSave Supermarkets. To sign up, stop by your local ShurSave's Customer Service desk and sign up for your Gold Card or download an application now and take it to your local ShurSave's Customer Service desk. Either way, as soon as you have your Gold Card in hand, it's activated and you're ready to receive your discounts.

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Gold Card Savings Programs at your Local ShurSave Supermarket

Create an account with your Gold Card. Browse and clip your favorite eCoupons. Savings are
loaded directly onto your card and redeemed at checkout. It's that simple! Click HERE to login.